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Adams & Chebalo, LLC is a full-service intermediary firm located in the Mid Atlantic offering exit Business - meeting in an office; the businesspeople are discussistrategies to privately held business owners. From Middle Market transactions, to high-level mergers and acquisitions. Employing decades of collective experience in corporate practice and as intermediaries and observing the highest professional standards in our industry. We handle all aspects of the sale, merger, and acquisition process. We also broker smaller deals (<$1M transaction value) at our sister firm Advanced Business Brokerage.

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Business Consulting
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Corporate Development
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Distressed Businesses
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our services above have evolved over time through experience, dedication, and education. Most importantly, we continually monitor and experience the needs of the business community and marketplace, and we work to facilitate answers and services based on the current business climate. To that end our professionals have operational experience in the Corporate World, in Business Ownership, and in the Business Brokerage Industry. We have direct experience in the Legal Profession, Retail, IT, Media, Health Care, and Food Service. We bring to the table hands on experience, attention to detail, commitment to continuing education, and the desire to assist individuals in creating a seamless transaction.

Experience and commitment in the execution of Mergers and Acquisitions, coupled with the involvement in joint ventures and in the role of transactional advisories for private and publicly held companies, we provide our clients the added edge needed to negotiate the best possible terms of a merger, acquisition, joint venture, or the sale of a company. In addition, we are continually cultivating relationships in the private equity and financial sectors.

Adams & Chebalo… Conducting business with a passion for success

Adams & Chebalo offers a broad spectrum of experience. Collectively we have transaction history and Two business colleagues shaking hands during meetinghands on operational experience in both privately held and public companies. That experience, spanning 90 years collectively in our firm, is a primary differentiation. Our professionals have the distinctive experience of understanding issues and concerns as we have owned and operated companies across a number of industries. Those companies are still in existence today and in some cases merged with other successful companies. Our mission then, and one that still remains in our current corporate governance today, is that every company is to have assembled a diverse and qualified group of professionals. We have assembled those professionals once again with Adams & Chebalo, and are therefore able to offer the assurance of superior results and the confidence that with Adams & Chebalo our personal involvement and commitment to each transaction will exceed expectations on both sides of the transaction.

Specific Expectations

  • Before we start, you should know what your business is worth, what type of transaction you Team (young people and a senior figure) working hard, discussingshould expect, and how the M&A process works.
  • If you decide to hire us, you should know exactly how we are planning to market the company, who we plan to contact, and what we plan to tell them.
  • Once underway, you should know how the process is unfolding, who is interested, and why.
  • You should be comfortable that, by the time you meet a prospect, that they fully understand the opportunity and have proven that they are seriously interested.
  • You should receive offers that are clear and comprehensive, giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision and negotiate from a position of strength. You should know that an offer meets your financial and personal objectives before accepting it.
  • The deal you originally agree to when you accept a letter of intent should be the deal on the settlement table.