Distressed Businesses

The firm of Adams & Chebalo specializes in helping clients achieve results in the most challenging of times. Acting as crisis managers, we work with you to develop comprehensive restructuring solutions that can serve as a solid foundation for future success.

Issues addressed by our professionals under the heading of Management Consulting for Distressed Companies include:

Assisting Under-Performing CompaniesTeam (young people and a senior figure) working hard, discussing
External analysis of the business
Business and financial modeling
Cash flow turnaround management and enhancement
Collateral reviews
Creditor restructuring assistance
Crisis and interim management
Distressed asset acquisition analysis
Exit strategies
Exit value maximization
Management and culture change
Management assessment
Restructuring plan design and negotiation
Rightsizing analysis and implementation
Selected cost reductions
Strategic assessments and operational review

We offer specialized expertise that allows us to step into difficult situations and take on key C-level roles, including Chief Restructuring Officer. This capability allows us to manage a crisis and augment existing management where needed. In addition to addressing short-term managerial and operational problems, we aim to help under performing companies establish a solid foundation for future success by effecting long-term positive changes.

Our Interim Management professionals are ready to assume full responsibility of experienced senior executive positions, including chief executive officer, chief restructuring officer, chief operating officer or chief financial officer and put our expertise to work to help in the following capacities:

Address accounting issues
Analyze operational economics—such as cash flow dynamics, revenue trends and operating costs—that facilitate key decisionsBusiness meeting in an office
Evaluate technology solutions
Identify and minimize business risk
Improve operations and performance
Manage outsource resources
Manage supply chains
Optimize and monitor liquidity through management of receivables and expenditures
Redesign business models to increase competitiveness, including rationalizing SKUs, channels of distribution and management layers
Restructure financial obligations to match cash flow potential
Stabilize operations and finances
Streamline freight and logistics systems

Our professionals are adept at leading companies in transition, through an expert capability in distressed M&A and financing. Whether opportunistically buying a company undergoing transformation, divesting an impaired asset or seeking replacement financing to take advantage of growth opportunities or simply remain a going concern, we recognize that the right advice and connectivity can make all the difference in determining the winners and losers.

Access to capital allows for investment in people, ideas, product, acquisitions, and ultimately, in growth over the long-term. And these investments have never been more paramount than now, at a time when competitive pressures continue to drive consolidation and investors and businesses to hold on tight to cash, while opportunities more frequently come to market. Distressed M&A transactions require a comprehensive study of target companies and resolution of the various challenges.

Our team is qualified to navigate the complexities of distressed deal making to uncover financial and business growth opportunities for clients ranging from retail to automotive to healthcare. We understand the importance of effectively identifying appropriate, trusted sources of funding and executing against our clients’ objectives to affect the most advantageous outcomes.

We understand that, in today’s compliance and deal making environments, what you don’t know can have great consequences. That’s why we have assembled a team of trusted financial advisors who are expert at helping clients identify opportunities to mitigate risk, improve organizational effectiveness and generate a healthy return on investment through careful, tested due diligence processes. We are inquisitive and employ a focused methodology to rapidly assess and address a range of financial, operational and strategic issues, with the goal of delivering timely intelligence that enables sound decision-making.

We work alongside clients to identify opportunities and surface potential issues for those contemplating transactions or undergoing transformative change. Our thorough investigations into acquisition candidates have proven to enhance transactions and reduce costly missteps that often arise as result of incomplete or flawed information.

Business Plan Assessment

Helping you better understand the feasibility of a business plan to determine whether forecasts are reasonably attainable…
Business Plan and Restructuring ServicesConsulting on Blue Arrow.
Business plan strategies and implementation
Capital optimization
Collateral reviews
Cost reductions
Debt restructuring
Exit value maximization
Feasibility analyses
Financial projections / budgets
Initial diagnostics
Operational turnaround plans
Cash flow enhancement
Profitability improvement
Renewal Planning:
Strategic assessments
Transaction Execution
Negotiating transaction agreements, structuring, developing purchase price adjustment mechanisms and preliminary purchase price allocation assessment

Valuation Services

Acquisition purchase price allocations and financial reporting
Transition Support and Integration
Day one and implementation planning, synergy
Target realization, process integration, strategic platform development and business continuity planning
Profitability Improvement
Vast restructuring and turnaround experience with interim management, product, cost and facility rationalization, working capital enhancement and cash management
Sell-side and Divestiture Due Diligence
Preparation of carve-out financials, reverse due diligence and potential synergy assessment

Our valuation professionals combine powerful analytical tools with real-world experience to objectively determine the valuation of assets, liabilities and equity. Using modern as well as established valuation methods, we provide sound analysis that can serve as the basis for key business decisions. Our professionals offer unbiased analysis and advice, as well as an unparalleled commitment to comprehensive client service and support.

We take a uniquely comprehensive approach to valuation that goes beyond the traditional financial advisory role. Our services are characterized by intellectual and analytical rigor and our conclusions are backed by thorough documentation. We strive to focus on efficiency of time and resources, and pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to clients’ valuation problems with services which include:

Business Valuations
Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairments
In-Process R&D
Intellectual Property
Insolvency Services
Bankruptcy accounting and reporting
Cash flow analyses
Claims management
Avoidance actions
Collateral valuations
DIP financing/cash collateral budgets
Disclosure statement assistance
Feasibility analyses
Lease/contract evaluation
Liquidation analyses
Negotiation with parties-in- interest
Pre-bankruptcy planning
Reorganization plan development
Retention/severance plan development
Private Equity and Venture Capital
Purchase Price Allocations
Tangible Asset Valuations

Corporate crisis management consulting from Adams & Chebalo is unique in our ability to put together a cross-disciplinary team that includes both operational and financial executives experienced in crisis management, turnaround management, restructuring, and insolvency. We bring integrity, experience and leadership to a distressed business. Our corporate crisis management consultants can work as advisors to management by providing recommendations and counsel, or we can get involved in the day-to-day operations. Either way, our goal remains the same: helping you to develop and implement a plan to stabilize your company.