Management Buy-Outs

For many businesses the best owners going forward are the management team you have built. Many owners also prefer to sell to the team that help them build their company to where it is today. A significant challenge of such a transition is aligning the buyer’s financial ability with the company’s true value. While ownership deserves to receive the full value for the company managers or management teams are often unable to afford such a purchase.

For these situations Adams & Chebalo M&A can assist in analyzing and preparing the company to seek out a financial sponsor to fund the transaction and support the company going forward. Typically A&CM&A is engaged by current ownership to represent their interest in the transaction and work to solve the common goal of a successful sale to their management team.

If you have the desire to sell to your team, or if you are a seasoned manager and want to participate in a buy-out please contact us to discuss and review your options.