Corporate Development

When we speak of Corporate Development we are referring to strategic moves designed to meet specific strategyoperational goals and objectives. Specifically, we are referring to identifying and acquiring companies to facilitate growth, add a new discipline, or enhance intellectual property. Acquisition is one of the quickest ways for a mature company to grow, particularly if they are looking to expand operations in volume, or geography.

Corporate Development is a process, and ultimately a project, based upon a plan to grow a company. The project is one of identifying a team, internally or externally to execute the plan of identifying potential target companies.

The principles in Adams & Chebalo have been team members and have driven teams through the process identified above. One of the first questions, after the decision is made to grClose-up of businessman explaining a financial plan to colleagueow, is how to execute? Does the expertise exist in the Company and can those resources be used to facilitate a growth project? What is the time involved and can internal resources be used to execute, and at what internal cost?

The process of Corporate Development can also be applied to the task of growing the company through a Serious PeopleMerger or Acquisition of a Business currently for sale. In this scenario, the project development will involve a review of Businesses looking to sell.

Our approach in a Corporate Development project is to combine both the process of identifying potential target companies for acquisition along with reviewing and investigating Businesses currently for sale within the same discipline. That process begins with identifying a team internally and our facilitating the process. The internal team can be one individual, an owner, for example, or a key group of individuals. At the same time a team from Adams & Chebalo will be assigned to the project and commit to an end result. We will define a streamlined approach and path to follow allowing everyone involved the opportunity to consider all possible outcomes from any given potential merger or acquisition along with a projection of the resulting outcomes.

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