Buy a Business

Our objective is to assist an interested buyer in the process of acquiring or buying their own business. There are numerous reasons to pursue an acquisition and buy a business. Corporate Growth is one, or business expansion into a specific niche or specialty, another. For the first time buyer there will be many questions, for the experienced there may be the need for current market information. Our trained team at Adams & Chebalo will provide information in an easy to understand format. From the very first step all the way to the closing transaction, we will guide the process for you. We will show you how the evaluation was performed, how to understand the financials, arrange the “Buyer-Seller meeting”, how to prepare an offer, and assist you with due diligence and the closing. This is just part of the many benefits of choosing Adams & Chebalo as your business associate.

Things A Buyer Should Know
At Adams & Chebalo, we recognize the importance of finding a business that fits your needs financially and professionally. We commit the time to understand your needs and your objectives in pursuing an acquisition.

Why Buy An Existing Business vs. Start Up?
Purchasing an existing business reduces an entrepreneurs risk while creating opportunities for tremendous profit. Buying an established business is less risky since you know the process already works and you have an immediate cash flow plus an established customer base. Also obtaining financing is easier for existing business vs. start-up since historical data is available.

You are buying a known name and product. The ongoing benefits of any marketing and networking the prior business owner conducted is passed to you. When you have an established name in the business community, it’s easier to attract new business than with an unknown start up. That’s an intangible benefit that’s difficult to put a price on.

You are acquiring an existing customer base and vendor base that took years to build. It’s very common for the seller to stay on and transition with the business for a short time to transfer those relationships to the buyer. Also, you are acquiring one of the most valuable assets, the employees. It took the current owner time to assimilate and develop the employees into the company culture. With the right team in place you will have an easier time implementing growth strategies.

Getting Started
How do you start? Well, the first step is to contact our office and we will assist you in taking the first step. After identifying your interest, we will counsel you as to a type of business, location, price, financing and the other very important aspects of owning the “American Dream”.